Rent Draverik 2 - Smart watch for students, exam, test, not for cheating with pen
Rent Draverik 2 - Smart watch for students, exam, test, not for cheating with pen Rent Draverik 2 - Smart watch for students, exam, test, not for cheating with pen Rent Draverik 2 - Smart watch for students, exam, test, not for cheating with pen Rent Draverik 2 - Smart watch for students, exam, test, not for cheating with pen Rent Draverik 2 - Smart watch for students, exam, test, not for cheating with pen Rent Draverik 2 - Smart watch for students, exam, test, not for cheating with pen Rent Draverik 2 - Smart watch for students, exam, test, not for cheating with pen Rent Draverik 2 - Smart watch for students, exam, test, not for cheating with pen

Rent Draverik 2 - Smart watch for students, exam, test, not for cheating with pen

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Naša šifra: 1050

Unpacking and first startup

1. Turning the clock on / off

Thanks to the low-power mode we've developed, it does not need to turn on the clock or turn it off, it's still in sleep mode. Just press the physical button on the metal envelope to wake up the clock.

2. Filling the clock

The included USB cable must be connected to the back of the watch instead of the gold conditions. The clock has magnets, thanks to which it will work correctly :).

When USB Connect ?, select "YES" to download data in an hour using Draverik Office or NO if you want the clock to be charged and running at the same time.



3. NOTE: Do not delete the data from the new disc

After connecting the clock to your computer, a new disc is displayed on your computer. It can contain folders and files that can not be deleted or modified. Download the data in an hour using Draverik Office in accordance with the instructions in the "Office Draverik" section.

User guide using the touch screen

1. Wake up / sleep the clock

After pressing the physical button, the clock is awakened or switched to sleep mode.

2. Select the face clock

Hold your finger at the center of the screen for 2 seconds, a shield selection window will appear.


Then move and drop your finger left or right and select the shield so that it is in the middle of the screen.


Touch the screen to select a selection.


3. Open the main menu

Swipe from right to left from the clock level. The main menu of the clock opens.

4. Select the application in the main menu

"Tap" on the screen instead of the app you are interested in. Further updates will be added to the free updates.



5. View the settings.

Not all options in the settings are currently available. Scroll by moving your finger from the bottom up or vice versa and selecting by tapping the screen in the position you are interested in.

6. Switch clock to Student mode - password lock

Slide the finger from the bottom up from the hourlight level. The password entry screen appears. The default password is 0000.

After entering the correct password, the student menu appears (if you enter the password incorrectly, try to re-enter the numbers so that the fields are reset).

You can change the password in Office Draverik.

7. Student settings

You can choose:

  • The content by which you will immediately switch to the content you are looking for in the given document.
  • Select a document - select the document that you want to view.
  • The scroll speed refers to the pen.
  • Locking the password applies to the time when the clock will wait before it re-locks the password.

8. Select the document that you want to display

In the student menu, tap the document that interests you, and scroll.

9. View the document

Pull the finger from the bottom up and the reverse document is following you.

10. Documents / fragments of the image with magnification - navigation

To enlarge the image using the zoom function (the Econometrics -> scroll down until you see a spreadsheet), tap the display quickly 2x. Repeat the process to the maximum magnification. To reduce the image, let your finger be on the screen. Repeat the procedures until you return to the image without zooming. Scroll vertically or horizontally by moving your finger in a certain direction.


11. Open the pupil's menu from the document's view level

When you browse the document and hold the physical button for 1.5 seconds, the pupils menu opens.

12. Necessary transition to facial clocks

Press the physical button on the metal envelope to switch from the displayed documents to the digital clock after the proton.

Instructions for use with the pen Draverik Pen

1. How to wake the pen?

The pen does not need to be awakened, it is still in sleep and only waiting for the button press. The buttons on the pen are three I, II and III from the beginning of the pen (with a fill).

2. Time switch on the student menu

Hold the button II for 1.5 seconds to open the student menu.

3. Navigate the student menu

To move up or down in the Student Menu, click the I button or the III button.

4. Select items in the student menu

To select an item that interests you, simply click the 1x button on the button II. In the settings with the key I or III, change the value by pressing the key II to accept it. If you hold the button II, you return without saving.

5. Select a document in the student menu

Click the 1x button on the II button to select the document.

6. View the document

To move the document up or down, press and hold the I or III button. Longer hold will result in a faster movement of the document. To change the scroll speed, go to the student settings and select the "scroll speed".


7. Documents / fragments of the image with magnification - navigation

To zoom in with the zoom function (the Econometrics document - scroll down until you see a spreadsheet):

  1. Press 1x button II, the icon (+ -) appears.
  2. Press I or III to zoom in or out to decrease.
  3. To move left or right, press button II on button II (<>)
  4. To move up or down (/ / t
  5. To return to the document without zooming, press the 1x button to change the magnification or zooming option, and reduce the image with the I or III button to the default size.



8. Emergency transition to face hours.

To display an hourly face, press the II button twice quickly. The second 2x push of the button II will take you back to the document examined.

9. Shortcut to view the table

When you press the button from the level of the dial, the index of the last viewed document is displayed.

10. Open the pupil's menu from the document level

After holding the button II on the pen, the student menu opens. To return, press the II button again for 1.5 seconds. The last option applies to all settings.

Draverik Office - creating, viewing and uploading documents per hour

2. Install the program

According to the instructions during the installation.

3. Launch the Draverik Office program

After starting the program, enter the code that you received in the mailbox. Draverik must be activated within one week of receiving the clock.

4. Create a new document

Click "New Document" and enter its name.



5. Edit the document

Type or paste the text into a window (select the font size, background color, and text only). We add functions every day.

6. Save the document per hour

  1. In the edited document, click "Save" and then "Exit".
  2. In the document you are interested in, click the square to select it
  3. Connect the USB cable to your computer and select the authentication option.
  4. The gray monitor icon turns into colored (it may take some time) when this happens, click Save in the Clock.
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Podrobnejši opis

Draverik Watch 2: the world?s first smartwatch with wireless pen for checking your documents discreetly anytime and anywhere.
A watch created to display and view the documents. Thanks to a wireless pen with a touch panel you can see all your documents an a fast and discreet manner. The watch is a perfect match with the students, the businessmen and everyone who wants to have their documents at hand. Designed to be worn all day, every day. Draverik 2, with over 54 possible combinations, will allow you to create your own perfect watch.
Check our video now!
Please write "Draverik Watch 2" in and check our watch in action!
Your documents always within reach
Create your own documents or convert the ones you already have (.doc, .jpg, .pdf, .xmls) with Draverik Office. Thanks to the large in-built memory (16GB) you can be sure there will always be the storage for your information.
Import: Draverik Office allows you to import the following documents and images: .doc, odt, .pdf, .xmls, .jpg, .png.
Editing: Draverik Office offers a lot of editing options like: cropping, zooming-in, text formatting: colors, fonts, size etc
Simplicity: The whole process of creating, saving and browsing through the documents is really easy and intuitive. The documents are just uploaded as single files onto the watch?s internal storage.
Draverik Pen - view your notes completly wiressly and discretlly (Please be noticed - we develop new aluminium pens and this pen will you recive after puruchase. Soon we will professional new photos of it.)
A uniquely designed pen with the in-built electronics and a touch panel enables you to view your notes on the screen and use the menu completely wirelessly, quickly and discreetly.
Additionally, the Pen offers menu navigation and allows you to switch to a watch board very quickly.

Razpakiranje in prvi zagon

1. Vklop / izklop ure

Zahvaljujoč načinu nizke porabe, ki smo ga razvili, ure ni treba vklopiti ali izklopiti, še vedno je v stanju spanja. Samo pritisnite na fizični gumb na kovinski ovojnici, da se ura zbudi.

2. Polnjenje ure

Vključen kabel USB mora biti priključen na zadnji del ure, namesto zlata pogojev. Ura ima magnete, zahvaljujoč katerim bo delovala pravilno :).

Ko se prikaže možnost »Poveži se z USB?«, Izberite možnost »DA«, če želite prenesti podatke v uro z uporabo programa Draverik Office ali NE, če želite, da se ura zaračuna in delujejo hkrati.



3. OPOMBA: Ne izbrišite podatkov z novega diska

Po priključitvi ure na računalnik se v računalniku prikaže nov disk. V njem so lahko mape in datoteke, ki jih ni mogoče izbrisati ali spremeniti. Prenesite podatke v uro z uporabo Draverik Officea v skladu z navodili v razdelku "Office Draverik".

Uporabniški priročnik z uporabo zaslona na dotik

1. Zbudi se / zaspi uro

Po pritisku na fizični gumb se ura prebudi ali preklopi v način spanja.

2. Izberite obraz ure

Držite prst na sredini zaslona za 2 sekundi, pojavilo se bo okno za izbiro ščita.


Nato premaknite in spustite prst levo ali desno in izberite ščit tako, da je v sredini zaslona.


Dotaknite se zaslona, ​​da izberete izbiro.


3. Odprite glavni meni

Povlecite z desne proti levi od stopnje ure. Odpre se glavni meni ure.

4. Izbira aplikacije v glavnem meniju

"Tap" na zaslonu namesto aplikacije, ki vas zanima. Nadaljnje posodobitve bodo dodane v brezplačne posodobitve.



5. Oglejte si nastavitve.

Trenutno niso na voljo vse možnosti v nastavitvah. Pomaknite se tako, da s prstom pomaknete od spodaj navzgor ali obratno, in izberete tako, da tapnete zaslon v položaju, ki vas zanima.

6. Preklapljanje ure v način "Študent" - blokiranje gesla

S nivoja urnega kazalca potisnite prst od spodaj navzgor. Prikaže se zaslon za vnos gesla. Privzeto geslo je 0000.

Po vnosu pravilnega gesla se prikaže meni za učence (če geslo vnesete napačno, poskusite znova vnesti številke, da bodo polja ponastavljena).

Geslo lahko spremenite v Office Draverik.

7. Nastavitve študentov

Izberete lahko:

  • Vsebina, po kateri boste v danem dokumentu takoj prešli na vsebino, ki jo iščete.
  • Izbira dokumenta - izberite dokument, ki ga želite pregledati.
  • Hitrost drsenja se nanaša na pero.
  • Zaklepanje gesla velja za čas, ko bo ura počakala, preden znova blokira geslo.

8. Izberite dokument, ki ga želite prikazati

V meniju za študente tapnite dokument, ki vas zanima, in se pomaknite.

9. Ogled dokumenta

Potegnite prst od spodaj navzgor in obratno dokument vas spremlja.

10. Dokumenti / fragmenti slike s povečavo - navigacija

Če želite sliko povečati s funkcijo povečave (dokument Econometrics -> pomaknite se navzdol, dokler ne vidite preglednice), tapnite zaslon hitro 2x. Postopek ponovite do največje povečave. Če želite zmanjšati sliko, naj bo prst na zaslonu. Ponovite postopke, dokler se ne vrnete na sliko brez povečave. Pomaknite se navpično ali vodoravno s premikanjem prsta v določeno smer.


11. Odpiranje učenčevega menija od ravni ogleda dokumenta

Ko brskate po dokumentu in za 1,5 sekunde držite fizični gumb, se odpre meni za učence.

12. Nujni prehod na obrazne ure

Za prehod iz prikazanih dokumentov v digitalno uro po protonu pritisnite fizični gumb na kovinski ovojnici.

Navodila za uporabo s peresom Draverik Pen

1. Kako zbuditi pero?

Pero ni treba zbuditi, je še vedno v stanju spanja in čaka le na pritisk gumba. Gumbi na peresniku so trije I, II in III od začetka peresa (s polnilom).

2. Prehod z ura na študentski meni

Držite gumb II za 1,5 sekunde, da odprete študentski meni.

3. Pomikanje po meniju za učence

Če se želite pomakniti navzgor ali navzdol v meniju študenta, kliknite gumb I ali gumb III.

4. Izbira predmetov v meniju študentov

Če želite izbrati element, ki vas zanima, preprosto kliknite 1x na gumb II. V nastavitvah s tipko I ali III spremenite vrednost, s pritiskom na tipko II jo sprejmete. Če držite tipko II, se vrnete brez shranjevanja.

5. Izbira dokumenta v študentskem meniju

Za izbiro dokumenta kliknite 1x na gumb II.

6. Ogled dokumenta

Če želite dokument premakniti navzgor ali navzdol, pritisnite in držite gumb I ali III. Daljše zadrževanje bo povzročilo hitrejše premikanje dokumenta. Če želite spremeniti hitrost pomikanja, pojdite na nastavitve učencev in izberite "hitrost pomikanja".


7. Dokumenti / fragmenti slike s povečavo - navigacija

Če želite sliko povečati s funkcijo povečave (dokument Econometrics -> se pomaknite navzdol, dokler ne vidite preglednice):

  1. Pritisnite 1x gumb II, prikaže se ikona (+ -).
  2. Pritisnite I ali III, da povečate ali pomanjšate, da se zmanjša.
  3. Za premik levo ali desno pritisnite tipko II na gumbu II (<>)
  4. Za premikanje navzgor ali navzdol (/ / \ t
  5. Če se želite vrniti v dokument brez povečave, pritisnite gumb 1x za spremembo možnosti povečave ali pomanjšave in zmanjšajte sliko z gumbom I ali III na privzeto velikost.



8. Nujni prehod na obrazne ure.

Če želite prikazati urni obraz, dvakrat hitro pritisnite gumb II. Drugi 2x pritisk na gumb II vas bo preusmeril nazaj na pregledani dokument.

9. Bližnjica za ogled tabele

Ko pritisnete gumb iz nivoja številčnice, se prikaže kazalo zadnjega ogledanega dokumenta.

10. Odpiranje učenčevega menija z ravni dokumenta

Po držanju gumba II na peresu se odpre meni za učence. Če se želite vrniti, ponovno pritisnite gumb II za 1.5 s. Zadnja možnost velja za vse nastavitve.

Draverik Office - ustvarjanje, pregledovanje in nalaganje dokumentov na uro

2. Namestite program

V skladu z navodili med namestitvijo.

3. Zaženite program Draverik Office

Po zagonu programa vnesite kodo, ki ste jo prejeli v nabiralnik. Urad Draverik mora biti aktiviran v enem tednu od prejema ure.

4. Ustvarite nov dokument

Kliknite »Nov dokument« in vnesite njegovo ime.



5. Urejanje dokumenta

Vnesite ali prilepite besedilo v okno (izberite velikost pisave, barvo ozadja in samo besedilo). Vsak dan dodajamo funkcije.

6. Shranite dokument na uro

  1. V urejenem dokumentu kliknite »Shrani« in nato »Izhod«.
  2. V dokumentu, ki vas zanima, kliknite kvadrat, da ga izberete
  3. Priključite kabel USB na računalnik in izberite možnost potrditve.
  4. Ikona za spremljanje iz sive barve se spremeni v obarvano (lahko traja nekaj časa), ko se to zgodi, kliknite Shrani v uri.
Other Features
Draverik 2 allows you to upload and segregate lots of different documents. Additionally, an in-built OS created by us offers the function of hyperlinks to your table of contents. You?ll albo be able to switch to a watch board any time you wish thanks to Draverik Pen.
Long battery lifespan 
The battery in the watch can last up to 3 days (1h using per day). 
Classic Design
The watch created from the very beginning for a student, as it pays special attention to the quality. 
Make it your own
Select your favourite case color, choose one of a high-quality straps and finally - decide on one of the many shields. Create the watch that will match your style and show your image! The choice range is wide - your perfect watch can have as many as 162 combinations!
You can choose from all types of straps, cases and Pens. Of course, each and every watch has all the watch faces.
After purchuase, please inform us about the chosen strap number from the combinations below (from 1 to 18).
Draverik OS - Apllication
We want you to use the watch everyday so we created a couple of apps specially for you. Additional apps and shields will also come up in the free of charge updates.
Anti-SPY film!
Screen is visible only for you! Check video on youtube "Draverik Anti-spy" to see how it works. When you buy watch now, you will get it for free (normal price is 15 USD)
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