About spy hidden cameras

Hidden cameras are the most used devices in knowing exactly what is happening in your area in your absence. Spy recorders are the perfect solution, but hidden cameras give you a picture with the audio recording. Hidden cameras in usage patterns can be roughly divided into: 

1) surveillance camera for a person - using them for discreet recording of a meeting or situation, are placed on the person who knows that a camera on themselves, most are the smallest in size, but it's also the least battery life (1-2 hours).

2) surveillance camera for the room - use them to obtain information that is happening in our home or office in our absence. The cameras are mostly hidden in some of that space for common objects, which allows them to set up the place from where I can shoot well and that nepobuđuju nobody's interest or suspicion. They are intended for long recording times, their autonomy is typically from a few days to several months of shooting. 

3) Special purpose hidden cameras- used for special purposes like hunting camera for recording outdoors in all weather conditions, without a permanent power supply, car cameras to record the vehicle, etc.

 After shooting mode, hidden cameras are divided into:

1) Framing cameras with recording on micro SD Card-, inserting the card into a computer review footage. Easy, cheap and the most common solution, flaw is that we have often access the camera Dhabi we exclude the SD card and viewed the footage.

2) WIFI hidden camera - elegant solution but less possible solution. The camera can connect to the local WiFi network, which allows us not only to watch the event live, but also viewing images from the SD card via the Internet from anywhere in the world, and the very configuration and changing settings on the camera. Viewing is done via computer or iPhone and Android applications, and various alarms on events in the area can receive on push or email.poruka

3) 3G cameras - if no WiFi signal at the location using 3G cameras that provide the Internet via GSM 3G network.


avtomobilski ključ

Spy obesek za avto je kot pravi obesek za avto.

Not in stock
99,95 €

Očala z vgrajeno kamero Pro

spy glasses with camera

Not in stock
249,95 €

Pisalo z vgrajeno 720p kamero HD

Premium pen spy camera version is long time use ordinary pen with camera!

In stock
129,95 €

Wi-Fi 4K power bank with night vision and motion detection

Hidden Wi-Fi 4K Night Vision Camera and PowerBank Motion Detection is the ideal way to detect a thief or other unwanted element in your office or home. You can leave the Powerbankon a table where it will be completely unobtrusive.

In stock
250,00 €

Skrita kamera v kamnu Wi-Fi

All configuration, including record playback, can be done remotely via the mobile app that is available for iOS and Android .

Not in stock
625,00 €
usb ključ s kamero

Skrita kamera v USB ključku

Izgleda kot usb ključek, a je spy naprava ki snema video in zvok!

In stock
79,95 €

kapa z vgrajeno hd kamero in snemalnikom

Ordinary cap with hidden recorder and spy camera inside

In stock
169,95 €

Skrita kamera v električni dozi in ultra dolgo trajanje baterije do 30 dni

water resistant, outdoor usage, Fast installation with 3D dual lock system, HD recording

Not in stock
625,01 €
Skrita kamera v lični led

Skrita kamera v lični led razsvetljavi za zunaj

WiFi kamera, potrebna elektrika - preprosto nadomestito staro luč z novo

Not in stock
397,00 €

Skrita kamera v USB ključku z delovanjem 4 ure

Izgleda kot usb ključek, a je spy naprava ki snema video in zvok!

In stock
97,00 €

spy DVR budilka - DVR namizna ura

Nevpadljiva namizna ura se lahko uporablja kot budilka ali pa je nameščena v dnevni sobi kjer se na primer največ zadržuje varuška z vašim otrokom

Not in stock
77,01 €

USB charging cable high-quality 32GB memory

USB kabel za polnjenje z visoko kakovostno FULL HD kamero + 32 GB pomnilnika je edinstven vohunski izdelek z edinstvenim dizajnom, ki ga lahko kupite v naši spletni trgovini.

In stock
179,95 €

USB ključ

10 hours hidden video/ audio motion recording, 16GB included

In stock
157,00 €

Wi-Fi 4K Ultra HD night vision camera in powerbank

Hidden Wi-Fi 4K Ultra HD night vision camera in powerbanke is ideal for detecting a thief or other unwanted element in your office or home.

Not in stock
250,00 €
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USB ključ

10 hours hidden video/ audio motion recording, 16GB included
157,00 €
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