Brand: Dahua™
BAR Code: IVSS7008-2I

128 CHANNEL AI IP ULTRA HD 12Mp + 3 x HDMi + Recording up to 320Mbps + Alarm in / out 16/8 + AI + Face Detection 16 CH + Face Detection 40CH + ANPR Car License Plate + Advanced Analysis (Human, Vehicle) 8CH


  • 12 Megapixel
  • Better compression than H.264 by 100%
  • Slovenian Menu
  • HDMI 4K Output
  • Audio In / Out
  • 8x Hard Drive
  • Alarm connection
  • eSATA input
  • Dual relay output
  • 320 megabitov / sec.
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Intelligent Video Analysis
  • PRO series
  • Face identification
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4 999,00 €

Product details

Main processor: Micro controller embedded
Operating system: Linux embedded operating system
Operating interface: WEB (PCAPP), local GUI

Camera AI Apps : Supports AI with Camera Function: Human Face Detection, Human Face Detection, Video Metadata (Human / Vehicle / Non-motorized Vehicle),
AI Peripheral Protection with Device: Supports AI Function with IVSS: Human Face Detection, Human Recognition face, video metadata (human / vehicle / non-motorized vehicle), rim protection

Security Parameter
Function Perimeter (AI per Device): 32ch
Perimeter Function (AI with Camera): 64ch

Human Face Detection Human Face
Features: Supports 6 features: gender, age (6 levels), glasses, expression (8 types), face mask and chin
Face recognition performance (AI per device) (1080P) (channel number): 16 -channel
Face recognition efficiency (AI with camera) (channel number): 40ch

Human face recognition
Database face capability: 50 face databases with a total of 300,000 face images
Human face recognition efficiency (AI per device) (1080P) (channel number): 16-channel with normal IP camera 40-channel IP face detection camera (40 faces analyzed per second in total)
Human face recognition efficiency (AI with camera) (channel number): 40 channels

Database Capacity: 50 databases with a total of 300,000 tablets, blacklist / whitelist supports
ITC Camera Detection Efficiency (Channel Number): 32ch

Features Human Body Features: Color, Top Type, Bottom Color, Bottom Type, Cap, Bag, Age, Sex and Umbrella
Vehicle Features: Supports 9 features: plate, plate color, vehicle body, vehicle make, driver's call, seat belt condition, vehicle decoration subject and place of registration of the vehicle
Non-motorized vehicle features: Supports 4 features: vehicle type, vehicle color, human quantity and helmet
Metadata performance (AI per device) (1080P) (channel number): 8-channel
metadata performance ( AI with camera) (channel number): 32ch

Stiskanje videoposnetka: Smart H.265 + / Smart H.264 + / H.265 / H.264
Stiskanje zvoka: G.711A / G.711U / PCM / G726

Mobilni telefon: DMSS
Interoperabilnost: ONVIF (Profil S, T in G), CGI, SDK
Brskalnik: Chrome, PCAPP, IE9 ali novejši, Firefox
Omrežni način: Način vezave NIC, kot je način z več naslovi, ravnotežje nalaganja, odpoved napak itd

Snemanje predvajanja
Predvajanje več kanalov: Najv. 16-kanalno predvajanje
Iskanje zapisov: Poiščite video zaznavanje / ročni zapis / IO alarm / inteligentni dogodek / vse zapise
Medij za shranjevanje: Notranji trdi disk, ohišje SAS disk
Način rezervnega kopiranja: HDD, obrobna USB pomnilniška naprava
Funkcija predvajanja: Predvajanje, premor, zaustavitev, hitro naprej, hitro nazaj, vzvratno predvajanje, posnetek po kadru, celozaslonski način, varnostna kopija (posnetek / datoteka), posnetek, digitalni zoom, vklop / izklop zvoka

HDD: 12
RAID: RAID 0/1/5/6/10

Splošna Alarm: Zaznavanje gibanja, posegi, lokalni alarm
Anomalna anomalija: IPC alarm brez povezave, napaka pri shranjevanju, HDD poln, konflikt IP, konflikt MAC, zaklepanje prijave, alarm AI modula temperature, AI modul brez povezave, napaka ventilatorja
Inteligentni alarm: Zaznavanje človeškega obraza, prepoznavanje človeškega obraza, video metapodatki (oseba / vozilo / nemotorizirano vozilo), obodna zaščita (vdori, izklop), prepoznavanje plošč
Povezava alarma: Posnetek, posnetek (celotna slika), lokalni zunanji alarmni izhod, IPC zunanji alarmni izhod, dostop in nadzor, zvočni poziv, glasnik, dnevnik, prednastavitev, e-pošta

Periferni vmesnik
Avdio vhod: 1-kanalni, vhod RCA (rezervirano)
Zvočni izhod: 2-kanalni, vhod RCA (rezerviran), izhod zvočnikov, zvočni izhod
Vhod alarm: 16-kanalni
Izhod alarma: 8-kanalni
Notranji trdi disk: 8 rež, SATA3.0. Max.10T / HDD
eSATA: 1 pristanišče (rezervirano)
RS-232: 1 vrata, za odpravljanje napak ali pregledne podatke COM
RS-485: 1 vrata, nadzor perifernih PTZ in tako naprej, Podpira različne protokole
USB: 4 vhodi, 2 vhoda USB2.0 na sprednji plošči in 2 vrata USB3.0 na zadnji plošči
HDMI: 3 vhodi. 4K izhod
VGA: 2 vhoda
Omrežje: 4 samoprilagodljivi Ethernet priključki 10/100 / 1000Mbps RJ-45
Napajanje: 1 vhod

General parameters
Power supply: 100 V AC - 240 V AC 50 ± 2% Hz
Power consumption: 43W (without hard drive, idle)
Weight: 8,55 kg
Dimensions (W × H × H): 439,7 mm × 446 , 2 mm × 89 mm
Operating conditions: 0 ° C to +45 ° C / 10% RH - 90% RH

The disc must be purchased.

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