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Prednosti SpyPhone

Simple and quick to  install  in a few minutes, 
you can  install  at home or in our office you have in your office installed mobile phone.

Transferability between handsets The
application is not bound to a particular phone, phone number or SIM card, so you can easily switch between multiple phones.

Security of collected data
All collected data is stored on foreign servers, where each client has its own unique access.

We do not need to know who you are and what you will use for your mobile phone. Therefore, it can  also be done completely anonymously .

Keep it clear by tapping your cellphone


We offer a unique mobile phone tracking solution that will make you clear! Our mobile phone apps are compatible with the vast majority of mobile phones. 

Watching a cell phone helps you easily and effectively find the information you need to know.


How the cell phone is working

The mobile phone tapping app runs on the background of your destination mobile phone where it gathers all the data that may interest you. Because the development of applications still working, so our  tapping the phone  compatible with the latest models of mobile phones. If you want to buy a classic eavesdropping device , then visit our partner store www.SPYobchod.cz.


How to install your phone?

You need to install a target phone (target cell = mobile you want to watch). Installation takes place in three steps. 

  1. Purchase a license (together with the purchased license, you will also receive the installation manual)
  2. Download the installation file (from the URL you get in the manual)
  3. Install a Hangout app on your mobile

Installation of the intercom does not take more than 5 minutes by default. 

Eavesdropping feature

The phone's eavesdropper application is equipped with a number of unique features that allow you to conveniently monitor communication on the selected phone. Here you will find a complete list of features to display features on a particular phone first select your phone's operating system .


Call recording
All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded and their audio track is sent to your secured account where you can easily listen to them.


Online call listeningOnline call forwarding
When you receive an incoming or outgoing call, you receive a notification SMS. You can then join the call and listen to it all in real time.


Call log
You will be informed of all calls made in a clear call log. You will see the time, date, length and number with which the call will be made.


Listen to the neighborhoodOnline phone tapping
Whenever you need it, our mobile phone apps allow you to connect to the phone's microphone in real time, and listen to your cell phone directly over your mobile phone.


Recording your phone's surroundings
This is another form of tapping around your mobile phone, which takes place by recording up to 5 minutes of a recording that is then sent to your account


Tracking contactsTrack contacts
Track all saved contacts on your destination mobile phone. All filled in data including nickname, email and address will be displayed.


GPS Positioning Monitor
Our unique listening application is able to track your phone's location. The history of the movement is kept, so you can watch where the mobile has moved backwards. GPS positioning accuracy is about 5m.


Position tracking according to BTSBTS mobile location tracking
When the GPS feature is disabled in your phone, our app is still able to pinpoint the approximate location of your mobile, according to the operator's tower towers. The accuracy of this function is approximately 200m.


View photos
Keep track of all photos taken from your destination mobile phone.


Tracking your web history
Cell phone tracking lets you have the perfect front of the web pages you've visited from your destination mobile phone. For individual records, you'll also see the time and date when the page was visited.


Remote Program Operation
After initial installation, all other settings can be changed remotely by SMS commands or from the web interface.


WhatsApp Messenger Listening
Now We can also listen to our mobile phone tracking software by communicating through the very popular WhatsApp messenger.


The application is completely hidden in the phone The
listening application is perfectly hidden from your phone and can not be displayed on your phone without knowing the 8-digit code. As a superstructure we offer a special customization of the operating system of the phone and the application upload directly to the core of the phone by our programmers.


Anonymous purchaseAnonymous Purchase
We do not need to know who you are and why you need our services. We only need to enter a phone or email to buy. We do not require your address or name for you.

Money Back Guarantee
If we are not able to make the application on your phone operational, we will refund you the full amount. You do not risk anything.


Expert Installation
If you add your phone either by post or personally to our office, we will do the installation for you.


Put your phone in a foil
Do you want the phone to look like new? You can put it back in the original foil after installation. 


Personal consultation
If you need advice before buying, you can use our support on the phone or arrange a personal consultation with us in the office.


In-service training is a matter of course. Training can be done by telephone or personally in our office



Ordering and delivery options


How to make an order

Order through eshopBy ordering at the eshop,
please pick up our menu and click on the "Put into cart" icon, then click on "Order", choose the payment and delivery method, fill in the delivery details and click "Finish order". The order will be automatically sent to our system. Then you will receive a confirmation email on receipt of your order.

Order by phoneOrdering by phone
You can also order and consult on the phone at 725 359 870. Our customer support will be glad to help you with your order.

Order by email

E-mail Order Simply send us your requests to our email support@odoslech-mobilu.cz and we will process your order by return.


Delivery options

Delivery by the carrierDelivery by shipper
We can deliver your ordered products by shipping service on the second day. From carriers you can choose DHL, GLS. The software is sent in an envelope, recorded on the flash drive,including the installation instructions and the license key. For the sake of greatest discretion, the sender of the shipment is only marked as "TRAFFIC SERVICE".

Delivery by email
E-mail delivery When ordering the application itself, you can choose to receive delivery by email. If you choose this delivery method, you may receive the software within minutes of your order. A condition for submitting the software is to make a payment (you can send us a confirmation of your payment to accelerate the processing of your order and we will process your order immediately).

Pick up in PraguePersonal pickup 
You can also pick up any orders in our office. Besides picking up the products themselves, it is possible to come to our office even to advise.

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