• International Orders

International orders

We are happy to inform all foreign shoppers, that we do send surveillance and covert equipment abroad (European Union and other parts of Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia, Africa ...). Other items might also be available for delivery outside Slovenia. Please contact us at info@spy-shop.com to check for a specific item.


Below you will find a quick and simple step-by-step guide on ordering stuff on myspyshop.eu The buying process is pretty self-explanatory and predictable so if you ever shopped online, you should not have problems submitting your order.

We offer two methods of delivery:

  • GLS shipping for Europe or registered ground or air mail, using national postal services for worldwide,
  • express worldwide delivery, using DHL

Delivery costs:
Region DHL (smaller orders**) DHL express  
cost delivery time cost delivery time    
Europe 14.95 EUR 4-6
65 EUR 1-2 days    
North & South America 25 EUR 6-15 days* 65 EUR 1-2 days  
rest of the world 30 EUR 10-20 days* 65 EUR 1-2 days  
* delivery times can be longer due to use of national postal services
** smaller orders are orders containing item with weight and dimensions for 2-5kg, as 20x20x20 cm

You have one of this option:

I am a retail customer inside EU (In this case payment includes VAT. It is default option. Add items to cart and you can finalize your order by PayPal or bankwire)

I represent VAT registered company inside EU (In this case payment is done ex - VAT. You should write us yout VAT number and links of products your are interesting in, to info@spyshop.si)

I am a retail customer or I represent a company outside EU (In this case payment is done ex - VAT)



Shipping Information
Currently we offer two type of shipping standard shipping (EU member states only) and Express courier shipping (Worldwide).
Shipping cost is based on the shipping type and the weight of the items in the order and is automatically calculated at the checkout.
Credit card and PayPal orders are dispatched same day if the order is made before 13:00 CET. The exception are non-working days. You can find the list of our office non working days if you follow this link.


 dhl Standard shipping
  • Available for EU member states only
  • Depending of customer location, shipping time is 3-7 days
  • tracking is available
dhl Express shipping
  • We are currently using DHL Express couriers.
  • 24 hours shipping to EU member states
  • 3-5 day shipping worldwide
  • Customer can request for shipment to be dispatched with a courier of their preference
Additional information
E-mail with Invoice and tracking information is sent same day shipment is dispatched.
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