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Lovska kamera GSM z diodami, ki ne žarijo v temi in je ta kamera zato res skrita kamera, ki podpira tudi zvok ter omogoča prejem slike na telefon. (za delovanje potrebna sim kartica katero dobite ob nakupu kamere tokrat brezplačno). Vodoodporna v vseh vremesnkih pogojih, 12 megapixel zajete slike zato uporabna kot alarm in video nadzor na težko dostopnih krajih brez elektrike ali interneta. Lovska kamera GSM ima še več led diod za še boljše nočne posnetke. Ta kamera zmore snemanje ob zaznavi, detekciji gibanja in shrani od več slik in filmčkov do velikosti ene minute v HD ločljivosti z zvokom. Vse nastavitve lovske kamere sodostopne direktno preko zaslona na kameri. Ob poslani sliki je razviden tudi datum in stanje baterije. Za energijo potrebuje 4 ali 8 AA baterij katere zdržijo tudi do 6 mesecev v idealnih pogojih. Naš test z baterijami 2700mAh za večkratno polnjenje je bil 2-3 mesece in je odvisen od števila posnetkov, v temi ali čez dan, od temperatur. Za shranjenje slik je potrebno dokupiti SD micro kartico 16GB ali 32GB.

299,95 €
299,95 €

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Lovska kamera GSM MMS WildGuard zmore


Ever thought about having a camera not spooking the game? Do you need a surveillance camera monitoring your unattended property where the night flash will not disclose the existence of the camera? This is it! WildGuarder WG-890MMS uses the advanced Low-Glow flash technology that the IR flash is barely visible from 3 feet away.

Unlike the Red Flash or White Flash, the game or the intruder will hardly notice the existence of the Low-Glow Flash. Low-Glow Flash is a good alternative to the expensive Black Flash but at an affordable Red Flash price. It is a great use for hunting and security purpose. Give it a shot!

This camera has been one of our favorites for a long time.  It provides great performance with good picture quality, battery life and durability.  All backed on a 1 Year warranty, with a range of about 45 feet at night, 65 feet during the day.  This camera is great for pinpointing a particular area and being invisible. This WildGuarder® camera, that runs on batteries and can easily be setup in the garden. When there is movement, it records on a removable SD memory card only when there is movement nearby.




The WildGuarder® WG-890MMS series has a recording angle of 100 °, which corresponds to a wide-angle lens. The camera is thus ideally suited for monitoring the broadest possible range from one position. For example, if you have a large garden that you want to see from the garden fence, WildGuarder® WG-890WG is the best choice. Even with a small distance to the object, if a little less space is available, the WildGuarder® WG-890WG is the optimal solution.

Also use the WildGuarder® WG-890MMS if you want to monitor a small space and therefore have to position the camera close to the monitored object, but you want to see the room completely.

For example, if you place the camera in a shelf of your garden shed, and you want to make sure that the camera is monitoring the complete shed, choose WildGuarder® WG-890MMS

On the other hand, has a smaller area with its 52 ° angle(ModeL:WG-890G), but you will recognize details in this area. For the Raptor you should therefore decide if you want to monitor a concrete object precisely.

Perfect gift for anyone....or yourself.
It is a perfect kit for any wildlife enthusiast. There is nothing better than setting up the camera and then reviewing footage later. Try placing it anywhere and seeing what results you can get.






Looks like the macroscopically taken eye of an insect, but is the Streuscheibe of a Wild Vision 5.0 Full HD WildGuarder Camera. One can easily recognize the many small, magnifying-lens fields that bundle the infrared radiation and relay it to the infrared sensor.


In "skipping" a heat source from one lens segment to the next, the detection of the radiation by the sensor is briefly interrupted. This interprets the sensor as a movement and generates an electrical switching impulse.




Dark Motion Freeze Technology

In order to be able to safely recognize the creatures that are frolicking in front of a wild camera, the cameras have to make sharp photos. Particularly at night, where a higher exposure time is necessary, this proves to be a difficult task. Movements become out of focus. Our WildGuarder technology, however, optimizes the interaction of the lens, sensor system and the invisible black-LED flash. The result: extremely sharp and detailed night shots even with objects in motion.





The Advantage of Our 3G WCDMA Trail Camera

Ever thought about having a camera not spooking the game? Do you need a surveillance camera monitoring your unattended property where the night flash will not disclose the existence of the camera? This is it! WildGuarder 3G WCDMA Trail Camera uses the advanced Low-Glow flash technology that the IR flash is barely visible from 0 feet away.

The MMS trail camera WG-890WG sends BIG Photo to your email
and , It is the ONLY camera with adjustable KB file size so you
can see the details you need for scouting or security purposes
while still saving the 12MP images to the SD card within the
camera. You can also program up to 3 emails and 3 phone numbers
into the camera to send images to friends and family.

The 3G WCDMA trail camera WG-890WG will pay for itself in fuel
savings alone. The WG-890G is a top-of-the-line camera as a
surveillance tool that is a must for every outdoors man or security
professional.The 3G WCDMA trail camera WG-890WG sends you photos
anywhere in the world. Allyou need is an activated SIM card. Supports
the 3G WCDMA/2G GSM/GPRS network.

As used by Police, Councils and other law enforcement agencies the 3G
WCDMA camera WG-890G is perfect for Warehouse and Farm Security,
Home and Property Surveillance, FarmGates, Crop and live Stock
Monitoring, Fauna Surveys or any other project that requires
longerrange NO GLOW BLACK FLASH infra-red LEDS.


wildkamera stellt einbrecherHigh definition Bilder

Black-LEDs – The secret of perfect camouflage

The camouflage pattern of a WildGuarder camera can still be so good - if the device would give a bright flash of night shots, it would be badly disguised. For this reason, we use the Black-LEDs. These are flashing in the light spectrum of 940 nanometers. In practice this means that these LEDs illuminate the scenery perfectly for the photo without being perceived by humans and animals. This keeps your WildGuarder  undetected.


Object detection due to infrared sensor

The infrared sensor of WildGuarder® WG-890MMS  works with heat and motion detection. That is, he recognizes living things by means of the body's warmth and the movements they carry out. Thus the WildGuarder® WG-890 neither escapes nor animal.

The WildGuarder® WG-890MMS has a super-fast release time of approx. 0.8 seconds to scan all creatures - no matter how fast they are. Moreover, it is weatherproof and, thanks to the protection class IP 54, it also raises hard weather such as rain. The WildGuarder® WG-890MMS is optimally protected and ready for use everywhere.



Excellent recording quality

The WildGuarder® WG-890 takes pictures and videos in different resolutions, which you can adjust yourself. Choose between 5, 8 and 12 megapixels for photos. You can record videos in VGA quality, HD (720p) or Full HD (1080p). Our new DarkMotion Freeze technology, together with the black LEDs and the infrared sensor, ensure excellent day and night shooting. Submitted photos from customers prove the excellent recording quality of the WildGuarder® WG-890.


Burglars lurk everywhere

The number of burglaries has risen enormously in recent years, according to the police and media reports. The WildGuarder® WG-890MMS. is indispensable to make possible criminals. With WildGuarder® technology, the fast-firing security camera does not miss anything - even at night. The sharp images and videos in HD quality help the police and authorities to grasp the intruders. Protect your belongings against burglars with theWildGuarder®!



Was What happens in your garden and on your property?

In your garden, there are more lives than you can imagine. At night, when you are lying in bed or during the day while you are not at home, things happen that you do not notice at all. The WildGuarder® WG-890MMS does not miss the smallest movement in your garden or on your property.


Who sneaks around on your land? To find out,WildGuarder® WG-890MMS is the best solution. While you sleep peacefully or do errands, WildGuarder® WG-890MMS draws on you - whether it be animal visitors, curious neighbors or eerie figures. The vigilance of WildGuarder® WG-890MMS can not escape anything.



Your satisfaction is our main priority. This is why the WildGuarder provide 1years factory warranty for all of our products,it is with English-language guide, in which you will learn everything you need to know about functions, settings and possible applications. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.




The WildGuarder® WG-890MMS contains in the premium pack included are a practical mounting belt, a USB and a video cable as well as a user manual.

Tehnični podatki:

-   Blue LED tehnologija (se ponoči praktično ne vidi)

-   Nočni domet: do 20m (funkcionalno 12-15m)

-   Slikovni senzor: CMOS

-   60° leča na kameri

-   Pixel: slike 12MP, 8MP,5M nastavljivo

-   Video resolucija: 640x480, 320 x 240, 1280x720, 1920x1080 -FullHD

-   Prikaz: 2-palčni TFT-LCD

-   Zunanji pomnilnik: SD / MMC kartice do 32GB  (kartica ni priložena)

-   Izpostavljenost: Auto

-   Lahko pošilja slike preko: GSM/GPRS/SMTP/FTP

-   Vgrajeni mikrofon in zvočnik

-   Nizko stanje baterije: Auto indikator 

-   PIR senzor gibanja: 3 Nastavitve

-   PIR domet: do 20m (funkcionalno 15m)

-   Napajanje: 4/8xAA baterije ali  DC vhod/solarni panel

-   Delovna temperatura: -10°C do 50°C

-   Temperatura skladiščenja: -22 04/03 F do 167 04/03 stopinj F

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