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V tem poglavju boste našli ločene module kamer , ki se povežejo z modulom za snemanje naprave ali fotoaparata glede na vaše potrebe.

in brezžične module kamer za prenos slike na daljavo, ki omogoča spremljanje izbranega objekta v realnem času. Ti se lahko enostavno skrijejo v kateri koli predmet. Glede na vaše zahteve lahko maskirno brezžične module kamer 


CCTV mini camera - 90°, 0,1 LUX


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79,95 €

Mini button CCTV camera - 600TVL, 0,5 LUX, 75° pinhole

Mini button CCTV camera - 600TVL, 0,5 LUX, 75° pinhole

En depósito
79,95 €

Mini CCTV camera with tele-wide photo lenses - 8°; 0,008 LUX


En depósito
119,95 €

Miniaturna CCTV kamera - 540TVL

Carefully crafted CCTV candid camera with sensor Sony.

En depósito
79,95 €

skrita kamera CCTV v gumbu

dParameter Description Distinction 600 TV lines Format PAL / NTSC Audio

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79,95 €
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 Camera modules

There is nothing better than to make sure that your apartment, house or office is well secured and that your property is regulated and protected. In this peace of mind 
, the camera modules can  help you very easily and even extremely discreetly  It is a very small device that can easily hide in different objects. Yes, it's as easy in our country as in criminal films. Most  camera modules  are very small, so they fit into objects that are usually found in your home or office. At the moment,  camera modules  have  a long battery life  and the ability  to increase memory with a Micro SD memory card up to 32 gigabytes This allows the camera to continuously record up to twelve hours.
Camera modules  in  as surprised by the  picture quality. The better the picture, the greater the likelihood that the identification of the potential perpetrator will be much easier. The quality of the captured image is not a problem in  full high definition. In addition to  excellent image quality,  you can also be sure of quality sound recording  with  camera modules  Many models also offer separate  sound recording. Sound recording along with the video  is of course. Also, you no longer need to worry that the camera will not catch the perpetrator. The camera has a  motion detection function,so they always turn on when they notice movement. Of course, you can  operate it  with the  remote control RF. Another feature  of camera modules  that can not be forgotten is the ability to take pictures that can serve as excellent proof. For many cameras, there is a big problem with low visibility. However, most spyware modules are equipped with  night vision,  which ensures  perfect camera recording even in low visibility or even in darkness. The advantage  of the camera modules  is obviously also wide than the perception.By simultaneously recording large areas, the camera will save costs on multiple cameras and your property will be fully protected with less cost. Standard cameras are cameras with  an angle of 120 °,  but you can also find  cameras with  an angle of 140 °.

And now some information about how the camera works. The small camera  is pulled out of the  cable module,   which usually measures approximately  ten centimeters. So you will not have the problem with the camera exactly the way you need it to capture exactly what is important to the shot. The module has a  built-in battery, a USB connector, and possibly a micro SD card slot. Simply download information, in this case camera snapshots, to your computer with a USB cable  (usually included) or , if possible , via  the SD card . As mentioned, the hiding of such a module is really not a problem. In general, the body of the module is in most of the miniature dimensional dimensions, so it can be easily hidden, for example in a vase or between books or furniture. There is no limit to the imagination in this case. Even the relatively long cable on which the camera is mounted allows you to hide the module away from the camera itself, and then adjust it exactly. If you are considering purchasing a 
camera module  or other  security system,  it is important to note that the law applies to their use.  
Using cameras for violating another person's rights or interfering with their privacy is a criminal offense. We advise you to get acquainted with applicable laws and ordinances at least briefly so that you will not be in trouble because of your ignorance. So, if you are looking for a discreet way to ensure constant control over your property, spy camera modules are   right for you. Just put them in the right place and do not worry about anything. You can concentrate entirely on work, business or leisure. What's more,  camera modules  in the  sea ​​make them effectively make up for costly  security systems and also avoid unnecessary complications or losses and save money.It is a very small device that can be hidden in various objects very imperceptibly. Yes, it's as easy in our country as in criminal films. Most  camera modules  are very small, so they fit into objects that are usually found in your home or office.


Camera module with remote control




Reliable  camera for motion activation, RF remote control and up to 12 hours of continuous shooting. The camera module  is suitable for the security of offices and apartments. The recording can be easily started with the  RF remote control. The camera module  has  exceptional durability with the smallest dimensions. 



  • up to 4 hours of continuous recording (audio + video) version 1280x720
    up to 12 hours of continuous recording (audio + video) version 1280x960
  • 1280 x 960px / 280 x 720px resolution
  • Supports up to 32 GB micro SD cards = 12 hours of recording 
  • motion activation 
  • RF remote control, operating up to 10 meters 
  • The camera is pulled out of the module on a 10 cm long cable, which makes it easy to place it in the correct position. 
RF remote control 
Standard spy cameras are usually equipped with an IR remote control, which must be directed directly to the receiver on the camera. This camera module is equipped with an RF controller that does not have a direct view of the receiver, so you can hide the camera module even further. 
Activating with movement 
As soon as the camera module detects motion, it starts recording the video. When the movement stops, the camera returns to standby mode and waits for the next move. In this mode, the camera can watch for a few days. 


Technical specifications: \ t
  • Resolution:  1280 x 720/1280 x 960
  • Capacity:  micro SD (maximum 32 GB)
  • Number of FPS:  30
  • Auto-start:  Yes
  • Max. recording time from your own battery:  4-12 hours
  • Audio + video:  yes
  • Sound itself:  No.
  • Pictures of the  sun


Package Contents:

1 x camera module 
1 x USB data and charging cable 
1 x remote control

With this camera you need to buy  a micro SD card
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