Listening to target phone Android

Listening to target phone helps you to find the information you need, easily and effectively. Our application for interception phone is compatible with almost all mobile phones 

Reasons to use the eavesdropping of a mobile phone

By controlling your target mobile phone, you will find it easier and more efficiently to find the information you need. Does it help to   detect infidelity  or check whether employees are engaged in a business as you have agreed. Our solutions are increasingly being  used by diligent parents who are attentive to their child, so as not to go into society with the wrong people.

How the eavesdropping program works

It is always necessary to get to the  target phone, you need to physically get the phone   so you need to have your phone in hand for a few minutes. When you install the application in three steps in the phone, you can manage all of them additionally with an SMS command or an Internet account. Tracking the phone   is completely hidden in the phone and   does not affect its operation.  The monitoring program in the phone gradually collects data and then sends them to an e-mail or secure account that is password protected only by you. The data is transmitted every time the phone is connected to the web. If there is no internet for several hours, the status will not be refreshed until the phone is re-connected to the web. In short, dwhile eavesdropping works properly, the target phone must have an active data connection.

Additional services for listening to a mobile phone

If you do not want to install an eavesdropping program yourself, you can deliver it to us and install it for you. Part of the installation also provides detailed training on the operation of interception.


If you are planning to buy a new phone, please provide us with the app in which we will install the app. We can provide you with a secure phone and deliver a new phone with the application. 

Razlogi za uporabo prisluškovanja telefona

Z nadzorovanjem ciljnega mobilnega telefona boste lažje in učinkoviteje našli informacije, ki jih potrebujete. Ali pomaga   odkriti nezvestobo  ali preveriti, če zaposleni opravljajo delo tako kot ste se dogovorili. Naše rešitve vedno bolj  uporabljajo skrbni starši, ki so pozorni na svojega otroka, da ne bi zašli v družbo z napačnimi ljudmi.

Kako deluje program prisluškovanja

Vedno se je potrebno dokopati do ciljnega telefona, morate fizično dobiti telefon  tako da imati telefon v roki nekaj minut, da v treh korakih namestite aplikacijo v telefon. Za tem lahko vse dodatno upravljate z ukazom SMS ali internetnim računom. Ko enkrat poteče preizkusna verzija vam jo proti plačili spremenimo v mesečno licenco. Sledenje telefona  je popolnoma prikrito v telefonu in  ne vpliva na njegovo delovanje.  Program za nadzor v telefonu postopoma zbira podatke in jih nato pošlje na e-pošto ali varen račun, ki je zaščiten z geslom katerega veste le vi. Podatki se prenešajo sproti, vsakič ko je telefon povezan v splet. Če vmes nekaj ur / dni telefon ni povezan v internet, potem za te ure /dni nimate osveženega stanja. Stanje se ponovno osveži, prvič ko je telefon ponovno povezan v splet. Skratka, da prisluškovanje deluje pravilno, mora ciljni telefon imeti aktivno podatkovno povezavo.

Dodatne storitve za poslušanje mobilnega telefona

Če ne želite namestiti programa za prisluškovanje, nam telefon lahko dostavite in aplikacijo namestimo za vas. Del instalacije je namenjen tudi podrobnemu usposabljanju o postopku prestrezanja.
Če nameravate kupiti nov telefon, nam ga dostavite in vanj bomo namestili aplikacijo. Lahko vam zagotovimo varen nov telefon z aplikacijo in vam vse skupaj dostavimo domov, v pisarno ali na bencinski servis po vsej Sloveniji.

Tracking your PREMIUM phone for one month with an extension option

According to the instructions, the process takes 10 - 15 minutes. If you have a new phone for giving or advice, come to us!
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Rec Phone Sorrounding

Galaxy J7 Prime G610F

Our phones come pre-installed with the world’s most advanced mobile tracking software.

In stock: 5

Galaxy S10 G973F Samsung

Our phones come pre-installed with the world’s most advanced mobile tracking software.

In stock: 1

Galaxy S10+ G975F Samsung

Our phones come pre-installed with the world’s most advanced mobile tracking software.

In stock: 1

Galaxy S9 G960 Samsung

Our phones come pre-installed with the world’s most advanced mobile tracking software.

In stock: 1

Galaxy S9+ G965F Samsung

Our phones come pre-installed with the world’s most advanced mobile tracking software.

In stock: 1

Program za sledenje telefona XTREME za 3 mesece z možnostjo podaljšanja

Po navodilih postopek traja 10 - 15 minut. Če imate nov telefon za darilo ali nasvet, pridi do nas!

In stock: 10

Samsung Galaxy A10 (A105) 32GB/2GB Dual SIM Black

Our phones come pre-installed with the world’s most advanced mobile tracking software.

In stock: 5

Samsung Galaxy A20e (A202) 32GB Dual SIM Black

Our phones come pre-installed with the world’s most advanced mobile tracking software.

In stock: 1

Samsung Galaxy A50 (A505F) 128GB Dual SIM Black

Our phones come pre-installed with the world’s most advanced mobile tracking software.

In stock: 1

Samsung Galaxy S10e (G970F) 128GB LTE Dual SIM Black

Our phones come pre-installed with the world’s most advanced mobile tracking software.

In stock: 1

Samsung J6 (2018) J600 Dual SIM 32GB Black

Our phones come pre-installed with the world’s most advanced mobile tracking software.

In stock: 1

Sledenje telefona XTREME za 1 mesec z možnostjo podaljšanja

Dostavite ciljni telefon do nas ali po naših navodilih. Postopek traja 10 - 15 minut.

In stock: 10

Spy Phone Interception of the MobilSpion LITE Android - 1 month license

Now free phone monitoring (1 day) without obligation! now in SLOVENIAN LANGUAGE!

In stock: 1
Spyphone monthly Android tracking license

SpyPhone Android Voice Surroundings MobilSpion ULTIMATE - 1 month license

Not detectable by google play protect!

In stock: 1

Tracking your PREMIUM phone for one month with an extension option

According to the instructions, the process takes 10 - 15 minutes. If you have a new phone for giving or advice, come to us!

In stock: 10

Universal mobile phone interception PREMIUM - 1 month licence

audio records of phone calls (no need to have root)

In stock: 4

Video navodila za namestitev -100% vodič za samsung telefon v manj kot 15 minutah:



Spy Phone APP

Do you need control and archive over the phone?

We have a solution for you - tracking your phone for Android phones via and for iPhones.

With the tracking program, you can record conversations and the surroundings of your phone, and access SMS, email, GPS location and much more - via a security server, regardless of your Internet browser. You can access data via a computer, tablet, or phone. The tracking program works hidden in the phone without displaying the icon on the phone's desktop.

The process of installing Android tracking on a phone takes just a few minutes:

1.  create a user account on the website  - you can do this with any device (phone, tablet, computer)

2.  download the installation file from the web site to the phone you want to track  - the approximate installation time is 30 seconds. The phone you want to track needs to be physically in hand, as remote installation is not possible. It is recommended that after successfully installing on the phone you will follow, you will also delete the history of the pages you visit in order to erase all traces. From now on, you no longer need to access the phone you want to track - the tracking application works in the background of your phone.

3. From any device, then  log into your user account at - after a few hours, or when the phone you will follow for the first time connects to the interent, you will receive the first information free of charge (sms, call log , locations, etc.). Free trial tracking takes 24 hours after the user account is entered.

4. After the payment of subscription to the selected package, you can extend the use of the service at a distance of 1 or 3 months.

The procedure for installing the IPhone Tracking is more expensive and takes longer - the phone unlocks, jailbrake, and then installs the tracking program on it. The phone you want to track needs to physically bring to us. 




As a first step you must have a compatible cell phone either the one the target is using or a new "compatible" one that can be delivered to start monitoring.

If the cell phone that has the objective to monitor is compatible, you should only take it "borrowed" 10 minutes to install and configure the program, once this is done, the equipment will be monitored invisibly.

Remember that the device to intervene to be compatible with our application must have any of the following platforms; Android, Ios (Iphone) if you are not sure that OS is your computer please go to the GSM ARENA website  and locate your Mobile / Cellular model, the technical detail will confirm which platform is.

Once everything is already installed and activated in the compatible Cellular / Mobile we start monitoring, if it were a new Mobile / Cell phone that you acquired you only have to make your imagination fly and in some way deliver this device to the person that you wants to monitor Maybe a gift of birthday or some anniversary will make this possible, in the case of employees or children it will not be difficult to have them communicate with these teams, in any way they will never know that the phone that you give them is monitored even when a technician perform a thorough inspection of the equipment.

How do I control the spy phone? How do I access text messages, Call history, GPS Position and all other cell phone events? 

The "Spy" cell is controlled from the Control Panel, which is a private page where you enter with your username and password to see and hear the events on the monitored cell phone. To access text messages, call history, emails, etc. 

GPS Position will give you the exact location of the cell phone intervened in a map of Googlemaps, if the cell phone moves it will also do it in the monitoring panel following its location in real time.


Map Spyphone

When in Environmental Listening mode, how sensitive is the microphone and how far from it can I listen? *

The microphone is the same one used for normal telephone conversations. Although this is very sensitive, there is no way to know until you hear distance, in general, you can hear the same thing that would be heard when someone forgets to hang the microphone, its maximum performance occurs in closed places, example; offices, cars, rooms, etc.

The text messages where I can read them? Are they with the content of the full SMS and the number of who sent or who was sent? 

Yes, any message that was sent or received with a number and date and complete content you can read in your Monitoring Panel. For example you can access 00:00 at night to your account and read all the SMS sent and received throughout the day with full details, time, minutes, etc.

Monitoring Messenger, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, Hangouts, BBM, Instagram, Wechat Skype?

Panel Spyphone

Yes. You will receive a report of all IM Messenegers messages sent and received, time, date, PIN number with the complete content of the message even if they were deleted from the cell phone, this is reflected in the Monitoring Panel with details and date and schedule. 

Are all reports of calls made and received in real time sent to my cell phone instantly? *

Yes. You will receive a report of all the calls made or received from the cellphone spied directly to your cellphone in real time via SMS so that you can decide if you are going to intercept the call or not in the case of the Android and iPhone platform, it also records the calls in automatic form and loads them in its Monitoring Panel to be listened to later.

Can you use the spied phone as a normal cell phone, for everyday use? 

Yes, definitely. Our cell phone works without modifying the normal functions of it. The objective to monitor can make and receive calls and messages as usual, it will sound normally and will work according to the original specifications. There is no way to realize, through the use of the telephone, that this is being monitored, so the client can never realize that he is being monitored.

How do I listen to the ambient sound of the spied cell phone? *

You only have to configure the recording time in the software and as often as you want it to be done, a maximum of 15 minutes per hour is recommended.

How long can I monitor the spied phone? 

For the time you want to hire, we offer Spyphone Licenses of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year, if it is the Extreme version you can only hire a minimum of one year.

If the cell phone is lost, broken or stolen, can I still use the license in another phone?

In Spyphone it is only allowed to change only once during the duration of the contracted license.

In Spyphone Extreme you can change equipment as many times as you need it UNLIMITED, deactivating one and activating another, always operating only one device per license acquired.

Can I activate or deactivate the functions without touching the phone? 

Yes, through the monitoring panel that allows you to activate, change, deactivate functions or uninstall the software at any time without leaving traces in the phone tapped.

What happens if the phone is switched off when I send a command? 

When the phone is switched on again, your command will be received and activated.

What are commands? 

These are functions in the monitoring panel that will allow you to Activate and Deactivate functions via the internet.

Does the software work for all companies that provide mobile lines? 

Yes. Our software is compatible with all of them, which means that, even if the SIM card is changed, the software still works.

What is a Predefined number, Captor or Monitor ?. Is it possible to change it? 

The predefined number, captor or monitor is the cell number to which the cell phone events arrive via SMS. You can change the predefined number remotely through the Monitoring Panel.

If the equipment you deliver changes your SIM card, can I continue to spy on it? 

Yes, the Spy Cell will send you automatically when it detects the change of SIM and you can continue supervising the equipment, this function will also serve you in case the equipment was stolen obtaining the number of the supposed new owner and all its activities in order to recover the device.

When the spy mode is operating: What is the coverage area and what are its restrictions? 

The coverage area is World. Our product is compatible with any GSM company on the planet, a phone can travel from Mexico to China and will continue to operate the service since it does it through the Internet, it does not matter if they change the sim and number.


What is Jail Break on Iphone and what do I need it for?

Jail Break is a process that is done by the Iphones to install third-party applications that Apple's Appstore does not support. Given the nature of our program, it is necessary to do this process in order to install it, there are countless tutorials on how to do Jail Break in Iphone to any version, we recommend an article that will help you in the process of Jail Break is here 

Click Here to see the tutorial

Our Software has the peculiarity of hiding the icon of Jail Break (Cydia) so as not to arouse any suspicion.

What is Root on Android and what do I need it for?

All phones of any brand and model and any version of Android can be rotated, Rooting means breaking the device's security so that the system can be accessed with all the permissions without restrictions, the Rooting Android procedure does not change the version of your system operation or delete data or applications, is a safe procedure and can be easily reversed, the roteo is done easily, there are plenty of tutorials on the Internet to do it according to the model, an article that we recommend that will help in the root process is here. 

Click here to see the tutorial

(If you do not rotate your cell phone you can also use our software but it will be limited in some functions, the most important ones like Recording Calls, GPS, Contacts, WhatsApp Incoming text only if they work.)

Our Software has the peculiarity of hiding the Root icon (SuperSu) so as not to arouse any suspicion.

In case of not having the possibility of doing Root we can do it for you, just send the device to our workshops and we will do the corresponding Root and the installation of Spyphone, this service only works in the Republic of Paraguay and the Republic Argentina, the service has a cost of 2,000 Argentine Pesos or 500,000 Gs, the shipping and return costs are borne by the customer.

Do you sell the cell phone with the program all installed ready to use?

Yes, we provide the equipment ready to use configured and activated with all services, if it were an Android we delivered it with the roteo made, In Iphone we also installed everything with the corresponding Jail Break.

The price of this varies according to the cell phone model chosen, you must also add the cost of shipping by DHL, this option is designed for those who do not understand much of technology but need this service, you will receive the address you indicate the new cell phone ready to use, you just have to remove it and deliver it, the monitoring starts automatically as soon as you put the SIM and turn it on. You will only monitor all the events from your Control Panel. You can buy it Here

If the monitoring team does not have Internet, can I monitor it?

If the monitored equipment does not have a data plan or your company's internet does not work in your area, it will be sufficient to connect to WIFI once a day or every week to load all the events that are recorded by the system. If for some strange reason you do not have internet in the area of ​​residence contact us to offer you a solution according to your need.

Geolocation in Cellular (Cell ID)

Cell phones, high-end (Smartphones) and a few mid-range, have integrated GPS receivers that through the satellite network that surrounds the planet, can locate us anywhere in the world. 

Those cell phones that do not have GPS, are not exempt from the service, since Spyphone has GSM Cellular Locations and Wifi Points, this is the geolocation without the need of GPS in the cell phone, since based on the cell phone towers it calculates the intensity of the signal, and triangulates the estimated position on the map. It does not work with the same accuracy as a GPS, but it's pretty close.


Security Agencies, Detectives and hundreds of clients from all over the world know that our product is of high quality, can verify how the media write about us and certify what we affirm.

When you do factory reset only native apps remain , also at rooted phone you need to reinstall .apk and activate again after that.

How to save battery re spysphone ? Is it possible to send data once a day?

Yes this is a common issue while using the monitoring software, as it must constantly upload data from the device to the server for you to view it; there is a few things that can be done to optimize this eg. from your admin portal you can change the delivery timer and disable some of the feature that you don't need. For example: the default delivery timer is by default set at 1 event and 1 hour (whichever comes first). We suggest changing this delivery event to 10 events and the timer to 2-3 hours. Doing this will make the software and the phone less busy and the battery should last much longer. 

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