Spy-shop.com manufactures a variety of security and surveillance products with premium materials and components while managing to offer them at an affordable price. They are located in Europe and specialize in manufacturing listening and camouflage devices with the focus on long-term surveillance solutions

Listening devices in the form of mini dictaphones or GSM listening

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Bionic spy ear

Not in stock

Dictaphone in a functional usb key with 25 days standby time

25d Standby Recording Recording, recording up to 24 hours of talk time (because it shoots when it's detected, it will last boldly longer!)

In stock
Diktafon Lawmate AR-100 Voice Recorder

Diktafon Lawmate AR-100 Voice Recorder

Začne snemanje ob zvočni aktivaciji! 18 ur snemanja!

Not in stock
Edic-mini Tiny A77

Edic-mini Tiny A77 Digital Voice Recorder 4GB

Small size, only 7 grams

In stock

Edic-mini Tiny Solar digitalni diktafon

zvočna aktivacija, digitalni diktafon s sončno energijo

Not in stock
Prisluškovalna mini naprava z mobitel kartico

GSM device for tapping

Most affordable selling listening device which can last up to 7 days!

In stock

GSM gHost SYC V.2


Not in stock
gsm prisluškovalna naprava longlive10

GSM listening device LONGLIVE 10

Exclusive eavesdropping device without competition

Not in stock

GSM listening device LongLive20

it costs 2.5 hours of detective work, and detects 25x more

In stock
GSM prisluškovalna naprava

Gsm listening device longlive60

when it goes for real and except no jokes: 2 microphones, 20 days of standby or 20 hours of continuous listening

In stock
Longlive 20 PRO K+


In stock

In-car C-PRO K +

Not in stock
Snemalnik zvoka v powerbank

MP-L500 dictaphone in a rechargeable battery

Operation time up to 5 months Built-in rechargeable battery 3000 mAh 16 GB memory capable to store 570 h of recordings 2 operation modes

In stock

pisalo z vgrajenim diktafonom

Battery life of up to 250 hours at detection voice mode

In stock

Prisluškovalna naprava GSM

Vstopni model, povprečen mikrofon in baterija. Enaka kot pri "konkurenci" v Sloveniji.

In stock

Prisluškovalna naprava v kravati

Not in stock
Program za sledenje telefona XTREME

Program za sledenje telefona XTREME za 3 mesece z možnostjo podaljšanja

Po navodilih postopek traja 10 - 15 minut. Na daljavo se povežemo na ciljni telefon.

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Battery Standby Time (in days)

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About audio surveillance

By installing these spy devices in the controlled area will have the opportunity to hear what is going on at any time and from koderkoli.V cell phone eavesdropping device file a normal SIM card and call from your phone already listen to all what is being discussed without limitation in space and time . Suitable for control of housing, pisarneali vehicles. The devices are small, on its own rechargeable battery and easy to use. They work on any SIM card from any provider. Battery life is 5-10 days in standby or 5-10 hours of listening (depending on model).

HOW DOES IT WORK? All you do is, for example. Simko buy with številkonpr. 041633737, and to call the number. For this device will detect if anything just call, you can still call yourself.

On the basis of the time we separated taping for later (mini recorders) and tapping in real time (Call and listen to) where the device installed unlocked prepaid sim card with a credit balance of € 14.95 from our offer. Now device called just hide somewhere and when you call this connects to your GSM phone and listen to what is happening around the device. If you like what you hear even record we have for you the phone calls recorder for the iPhone, Android and other mobile phones.


Live listening is a method that provides you with the right information when you need it! We offer listening systems that work on the GSM network or devices that record on their own memory if you listen to the conversation and have a mobile phone voice recorder on. For all the rest, we recommend sound recorders that operate on the "record and listen after" principle.

GSM Bugs and Audio Recorders:

All GSM Bugs and Audio Recorders, as well as Mini DVRs, have high-quality microphones with an extremely clear sound that takes up voices and noises in a radius of 10 m.

Spyshop GSM Spy Bug LONGLIVE 60 - Up to 75 days in standby mode with 23 - 26 hours of continuous listening and Call back function.
Spyshop GSM Spy Bug LONGLIVE 20 - Up to 20 days in standby mode with 10 hours of continuous listening and Call back function that takes a couple of seconds to install/uninstall.
Spyshop Vaio PRO K Plus GSM Bug with Knowles Microphone on cable - VOX call back function and up to 180 days standby depending on the battery.
Spyshop URP GSM PRO K Plus Dual Module Voice Recorder and GSM Bug - 100 daysin standby/ Voice detection/recording with Voice Activation (VOX) function. Has Time and Date stamp for the files and an internal 8 GB memory that allows 288 h of recordings on the MP3 codec.


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