Sledenje z gps ovratnico

In dog tracking, collars are used, which are used as a beacon to track the migration of animals for research. [1] Some pet owners use these collars for GPS tracking and geolocation of pets. [2]

SMART Collars 

A collar used on animals to study animal behavior. The collars were invented in 2014 by Christopher Wilmers  and eco-physiologist Terrie Williams. The collars are capable of giving the GPS the animal's location, speed and direction. The collar also gives information about what types of movements the animal has made, such as jumping, or just standing still. A company named PetPace has created a SMART dog collar so owners and veterinarians can know when a dog is ill and how  his body responds to his treatment.


Radio collar tiger in Tadoba Andhari National Park, India


Effects on animals 

Do GPS collars used on animals affect their behavior? This theory was tested on elephants living in a zoo in the United States.

They studied how elephants behave with and without collars for the same amount of time for both scenarios  and did not observe changes in behavior. A study was conducted with mantled monkeys to determine  if GPS Ball and Chain collars affected the monkey's behavior. The study was about observing a group of  monkeys. There was no significant difference in behavior, but when the study was completed, it was found that some of the monkeys wearing gps collars were damaged. The collars made wounds on the monkey's neck, some with small scratches and some swelling. 

Learn more about wildlife tracking:


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DOG trace sledilnik za pse DOG GPS X20 (black camo handheld)

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