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Miha Peček SpA (Below the trader) is committed to protecting the confidentiality of personal data and privacy online store. The collected personal information will be used exclusively for merchant services offered. Dealer shall respect the confidentiality of personal data and privacy online store, so take all necessary steps to protect them against any violations and abuses. Users' personal information is one of the areas where the trader pays utmost care and attention, because it recognizes the sensitive nature of this area.
Second Use of personal information

Dealer for the provision of services offered, collect, manage, process and store the following user information:

    name and surname;
    addresses for delivery;
    or company. name of the legal entity (if the user is a legal person);
    tax identification number of the legal entity (if the user is a legal person);
    e-mail address (username);
    password in encrypted form;
    contact telephone number (the first order of your data will be verified by phone. enter a number where you can be reached.)
    country of residence;
    other information that the user voluntarily enters into forms online;
    other information that the user voluntarily added later in your profile.

For the correctness, completeness and currency of information entered by users, Merchant shall not be liable.
Third Cookies and IP addresses

Dealer each user at the beginning of each application online store cookie assigned to identify, monitor your shopping basket and tracing (so-called "cookie"), which is stored in the server's memory only for the duration of their visit online stores and expires after one hour of inactivity. A trader can a PC user stores some persistent cookies, such as. identification number of the user in an encrypted form to identify the next visit online store or assessment items, using which the user knows which items has been estimated indirectly cookies external Analytics, serving analysis of website visits. Dealer can provide this information in the form of anonymous Summary for purposes of statistical analysis. For the purpose of providing online safety trader also collects IP addresses from which users access the online store.
4th Statement of confidentiality of personal data and user privacy

Dealer is in accordance with the regulations governing the protection of personal data, committed to protecting the personal data of users of its online store. Dealer will not under any circumstances without the express permission of the user sent or personal. other data user or third party. will not allow any third party to access personal or. other user data, unless required to do so by government authorities, provided that such liability is determined by law or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary for the proceedings before the courts or other public authorities, and to protect and promote the interests of legitimate traders.

All personal and other information that will be transmitted when the user logs in to online shop as well as purchase when ordering products, including the contents of the contracts will be protected in accordance with regulations governing the protection of personal data. Dealer this information will not be used for purposes that could harm the user or any other person involved. Merchant user data will not be used to send promotional emails or other unsolicited promotional material, except for those sending promotional notices to which the user or orders. to be agreed. The trader may anonymised data in Summary form for purposes of statistical analysis. Confidentiality of personal and other data users will not be violated in any form.

Delivery service GLS dealer will trust only the information necessary for the delivery of products purchased online (details of the recipient and delivery address). E-mail to dealer contacted the users, if necessary for making a purchase online, through the contact telephone number and only if it is in the process of registration or. Buy online cause problems.
5th The implementation of privacy policy

All of dealer regular or part-time employees who have access to personal data and other users are aware of the duty to protect personal and other information and are obliged to observe the provisions on confidentiality of personal data and privacy of online shops. The obligation to protect personal and other data is unlimited, even after the termination of the relationship with the dealer.

Registered users may at any time cease to apply online store and can cancel their registration. To do that with a written statement trader communicate withdrawal. Make statements before canceling the registration of the user dealer has paid all outstanding liabilities of purchases made online. Merchant confidentiality of personal data and privacy in the online store under this privacy policy safeguards in case of cancellation of registration.
6th Further clarifications

If you have questions, concerns or comments regarding this privacy policy, you may contact e-mail:


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