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Premium phone surveillance and tapping of phones based on Android

Nadzor nad telefonom MobilSpion LITE - 3 mesece z možnostjo podaljšanja (za Android)

Sedaj brezplačno spremljanja telefona (3dni) brez obveznosti! sedaj v SLOVENSKEM JEZIKU!


Prestrezanje telefona MobilSpion ULTIMATE - 3 mesečna licenca

Sedaj brezplačno spremljanja telefona (3dni) brez obveznosti! sedaj v SLOVENSKEM JEZIKU!


Sledenje telefona XTREME za 3 mesece z možnostjo podaljšanja

Dostavite ciljni telefon do nas, da ustrezno namestimo programsko opremo. Postopek traja cca 1 uro.


Spy Phone Interception of the MobilSpion LITE Android - 1 month license

Now free phone monitoring (1 day) without obligation! now in SLOVENIAN LANGUAGE!

Spyphone monthly Android tracking license

SpyPhone Android Voice Surroundings MobilSpion ULTIMATE - 1 month license

Not detectable by google play protect!


tracking other phone - KeyLogger

Velja za telefone z o.s Android do 8.1 in novejše


Do you need control and archive over the phone?

We have a solution for you - tracking your phone for Android phones via and for iPhones.

With the tracking program you can record conversations and the surroundings of the phone, and access SMS, email, GPS location and much more - through a security server, regardless of your Internet browser. You can access data via a computer, tablet, or phone. The tracking program works hidden in your phone without displaying the icon on your phone's desktop.

The process of installing Android tracking is just a few minutes:

1.  Create a user account on the website  - you can do this with any device (phone, tablet, computer)

2.  download the installation file from the website to the phone you want to track  - the approximate installation time is 30 seconds. The phone you want to track needs to be physically in hand, as remote installation is not possible. It is recommended that after successfully installing on the phone you will follow, you will also delete the history of the pages you visit in order to erase all traces. From now on, you no longer need to access the phone you want to track - the tracking application works in the background of your phone.

3. From any device, then  log into your account at - after a few hours, or when the phone you will follow will first connect to the interent, you will receive the first information free of charge (sms, call log , locations, etc.). Free trial tracking takes 24 hours after signing up a user account.

4. After the payment of subscription to the selected package, you can extend the use of the service at a distance of 1 or 3 months.

The procedure for installing the IPhone tracking is more expensive and takes longer - the phone unlocks, jailbrake, and then installs the tracking program on it. The phone you want to track needs to be physically brought to us. 



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