IP cameras for video surveillance. Our best-selling wireless camera models are now on YouTube:


In our offer we have Dahua cameras - Dahua is one of the world's leading video surveillance companies.
These operating cameras need electricity and a network / internet connection (WiFi, or also a  mobile Internet  ), while for the remote viewing of images to unlimited distances and camera settings the phone requires an internet + free Imou mobile application  The application can, inter alia, set a schedule for notifying movements, etc.
The camera is always connected to the source of the electricity /  ups battery  /  solar system  and is connected to the Internet, whenever it is possible to view live with the phone - if the motion sensor is turned on, the notice of the detected movement is sent to the phone.
ps: If there is no electricity and the batteries can not be hidden at all, then you should consider a  standalone camera or Arlo cameras 
To view history on your phone, there are 2 options:
- a memory card up to 128GB is inserted into the camera   (for 5-15 days, depending on the intensity of the recording at detection, for example recording of arrivals in the waiting room every 15 minutes is faster filled as a weekend with an average of 5 passers-by)
Cameras can also be viewed via a computer.

All best, Miha

Hello, we are shop and we are offering the equipment for sale. The cameras are easy to mount (for example, as lights, even easier ...). Depending on your photos of the building, the ground plan tells us where to mount the cameras. You are invited to visit our premises. When you buy the equipment from us, you will be able to use it! We will help you through instructions, technical support, remote teamview help. We educate you so that you know the cameras live and watch the recordings, and just leave the assembly to an electrician (you are sure that you know it or your acquaintance). Without worry, even if he does not have the knowledge in this field, he will have to be able to bring one cable to each camera. That's right, just one cable!

The combination of visible cameras with spy cameras is not unusual. Sometimes thieves get caught on a spy camera and then buy and cover the space with even classic Dahua or Foscam control cameras.

IR KAMERA je infrardeče kamera za nočni nadzor! To je pogosto vodoodporna kamera s kriterije IP66 ali več in zato vremensko odporna in protiprašna kamera za zunaj ali znotraj. Vgrajena leča ter LED diode, ki ponoči diskretno žarijo, omogočajo nočno opazovanje v popolni temi!

Ir kamera je na voljo po niziki ceni z dometom do 50m v popolni temi in vgrajenimi objektivi 2,8-12mm (kar omogoča razpon med 90 in 20 stopinjskim vidnim kotom po horizontali) v ločljivosti 700TVL.

IR kamera je zelo priljubljena, saj je po rabi univerzalna in primerna tako za notranjo, kot tudi za zunanjo rabo; ne potrebuje zunanjega ohišja in je kos najtežjim vremenskim vplivom. 

Napredna IR kamera je zunanja ali notranja in predstavlja komponento nadzornega sistema, ki je infrardeča in omogoča 24 urni dnevni nadzor. Vsaka Ir kamera za zunanjo uporabo je že vgrajena v vremensko odporno ohišje.

Dahua IP cameras and video surveillance security solutions

Dahua IP cameras belong to the very top of the world. Dahua is one of the largest and most powerful manufacturers of high quality ip cameras in the world. The camera series are HD-IP, HD-SDI and HD-CVI. Sliak or video is delivered in megapixel for HD-IP. 1.3MP is the same as below HD 720p and 2MP is equal to HD 1080p and IP cameras go even higher, e.g. 3MP, 5MP, ... HD-SDI and HD-CVI. variants use BNC existing connections, just like analog cameras. The difference is that they have the power to process the HD image using the existing BNC connections, which we have been lining up for 20 years ago. This, however, allows large savings on installations, especially in larger systems. The difference between HD-SDI and HD-CVI lies in the fact that the first more expensive Sega also enables the full resolution of the cameras in HD 1080p, while the HD-CVI reaches the HD 720p resolution.

The Dahua catalog is not enough if you do not know where to install the video surveillance camera. The question of what characteristics and shapes is the least and you decide in the next steps. To begin with, you need to get an idea of ​​where to install the camera and what kind of camera the camera is. In order to make the decision easier, we have proudly produced this self-monitoring video guide, Sam Your Master. Installation of the camera is easy if spyshop provides additional information and education. Why spend money for assembly, which is fast 300 € and more! It's good to buy a camera with a range of lenses, as you can manually adjust the visual angle for your particular case. It's true that since we've been shooting 4MP and more of cameras as much as we can, then we look at details from the captured 4MP.

Question: Ok for a live picture over the phone, it's clear to me. How do I get the recordings backwards? Answer: Access to WiFi Dahua cameras are via the SD micro memory card you can buy in our store 64 / 128GB. However, if you have a larger number of cameras and want a weekly archive and more, we recommend purchasing a recorder where 2.4, 6 TB can be installed, which provides monthly archive recordings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me if I'm installing these cameras, what is the procedure. What do I need?

You need a wireless network, (use a wiiff router) ... if you want the camera to be wirelessly connected where the cameras are equipped with a wireless signal .. (simply check with your phone if you have a wifi signal). Next to the cameras you need a 220v power outlet for powering the cameras. (camcorders supplied), camcorders supplied (cameras are suitable for wall-mounted ceiling mounting), the installation of the cameras is in the direction you want to see (visible angle of 60 -90 degrees, depending on the camera model). The cameras are easy to install (easier than mounting a light)

If you want to watch them from a remote location, you also need an internet connection. Access your cameras through the browser. But if you still want to shoot cameras on your computer, we recommend blueiris.

To set up the cameras, we connect them for the first time via the network cable to your computer and enable them with a wifi connection, see the guide

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