GPS tracking device for permanent connection and power supply for car, engine, van, truck, work machine, etc.
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GPS tracking device for permanent connection and power supply for car, engine, van, truck, work machine, etc.

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GSM / GPRS + MOBILE MODEL + INTERNET MEMORY ON SD CARD FOR 16,000 LOCATIONS + WITHOUT DURABLE MONTHLY CONTRACTS !!!  For us it is cheaper than the competitionWith the help of the device you can locate and control via SMS or a  free application for the Android phone  GPS Tracker Car TK SMS FreeAustral Systems

licenca za sledenje preko telefona

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The tracking device operates via GSM / GPRS (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) network and GPS satellites. With the help of the device you can locate and control via SMS, PDA or PC. Crazy, what?

The kit includes:
-GPS device 102B
- power supply: 100-240 VAC
- USB cable
- 2 x Li-ion battery 3.7V, 1000mAh
- waterproof case + magnetic cover (for metal mounting)
- Additional charging station
- Slovenian instructions


Advantages of the device:
- internal memory for 16.000 locations
- waterproof
- several ways of tracking: via the program (world map), tracking via GSM phone (Google maps)
- standby time up to 80 h
- small size:
- Dimensions: 46 x 64 x 17mm
- Weight : 40g
Built-in battery and antenna (very easy to carry in your pocket or hidden in the vehicle)
- support orientation without a routing server: position (latitude and longitude), speed and time can be detected in real time using the software.
- support of the software platform: using the platform, you can track in real time on an electronic folder, or via a GSM phone
- in the event that the target, which you follow, enters the tunnel, an underground car park in an area that is not covered by a GPS signal, keeps you informed of the last known location
- support for hidden alarm and hidden surveillance
- Geo-fence: Set the geo-fence for restriction of movement in a particular district. The tracking device will send the message to an authorized GSM number if the device leaves the limit you have specified.
- motion alarm: the device informs you on the authorized tel. in the event of motion detection
- an overrun speed alarm: the device informs you of the authorized tel. in case the target exceeds the set maximum speed
- alarm in case of an empty or bad battery
Where can all of you use a GPS / GPRS tracking device:
- rent a car (car rental, carriers, TAXI services, etc.), devices that are installed outdoors, ...
- protection of children, elderly people, disabled people, pets, ...
- GPS chip: SIRF3
- GPS sensitivity : 159 dBm
- GPS accuracy: 5m
- Operation: cold-45s, hot-35s, hot-1s
- Car charger: 12-24V input, 5V output (not included!)
- Battery: 3.7V 1000mAh Li- ion charging betry
Allows you 4 different tracking methods:
- SMS tracking via GSM phone with Google map link (view current location on map or GSM phone)
- SMS with current location coordinates
You can use the device to locate and control via SMS, or free applications for Android Phone  GPS Tracker Car TK SMS FreeAustral Systems


Also available is the application for  android  or iphone: ( 1st variant    or  2nd variant )

The tracking device operates via GSM / GPRS (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) network and GPS satellites. With the help of the device you can locate and control via SMS, PDA or PC.


Quick instructions for the tracking device

The tracking device needs a SIM card if we want to monitor it remotely. Insert the SIM card (make sure the PIN is unlocked) with a minimum value of 5 € in the device. (You can charge your device online, for example,  charging a simpl account )
The commands we wrote in the form of a sms message and sent to the tracking device are marked with blue, and the answers are yellow: (the factory password is 123456). We initialized for begin123456 for initialization. To confirm our hotbed you would like to receive messages but the admin123456 space is your phone number.
We also set up gprs: apn123456 and still a username and password:

with the check123456 command we check the status of the device, and with gprs123456 we turned on APN (GPRS)

You will need your names for  if you want to track online and where you also make a short registration. Choose server1

An example of a tracking device using gpstrackerx:

 Click "Play" to see this GPS Tracker in ACTION on a R/C Plane:

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