Skrita kamera v lični led razsvetljavi za zunaj
Skrita kamera v lični led Skrita kamera v lični led razsvetljavi za zunaj Skrita kamera v lični led razsvetljavi za zunaj Skrita kamera v lični led razsvetljavi za zunaj Skrita kamera v lični led razsvetljavi za zunaj Skrita kamera v lični led razsvetljavi za zunaj Skrita kamera v lični led razsvetljavi za zunaj Skrita kamera v lični led razsvetljavi za zunaj Skrita kamera v lični led razsvetljavi za zunaj

Skrita kamera v lični led razsvetljavi za zunaj

SKU Code: NOC01-DE
Benutzercode: 2381
  • Zaščitite svojo lastnino: O vaši pametni napravi bo takoj obveščen, kaj se dogaja pred vašo hišo.
  • Odvračanje dan in noč: Inteligentna osvetlitev se po potrebi vklopi in razdeli nepovabljene obiskovalce.
  • Prejemate individualna obvestila: Kamera prisotnosti razlikuje ljudi, vozila in živali. Prejeli boste samo sporočila, ki so vam zanimiva.
  • Izberete, ko prejmete sporočila: Izberite območje na svojem vrtu in se odločite, katere dogodke želite videti.
  • Stalna varnost: prek aplikacije si lahko vsak dan ogledate, kaj se dogaja v vašem domu - v Full HD.
  • Brezplačno shranjevanje videoposnetkov: svoje videoposnetke lahko shranite brez dodatnih stroškov in jih pridobite od koder koli.
  • Enostavna namestitev: varnostna kamera Prisotnost nadomešča obstoječo zunanjo luč in jo je mogoče namestiti, kjer koli kamero potrebujete (vhod, vrt ali podobno)
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Not in stock
397,00 €
397,00 €



Netatmo Presence is a revolutionary external security camera that uses advanced artificial intelligence to protect your homePresence constantly analyzes the events around our facility and recognizes people, vehicles and animals live. He sends a notification to the mobile application on the phone as soon as a stranger notices in the yard, when a car is brought into the driveway or when a cat appears in the garden. The unique advantage of the Presence camera is its built-in reflector, which makes it easy for us to access the entrance at night while keeping away unwanted guests. Presence simply replaces your existing outdoor light and connects to the web via your home WiFi network. At any time, from anywhere in the free mobile and web application, we can check a live image from a location, view past events in a timeline, save recordings and turn on the built-in spotlight. Presence is a great tool for smart home, weekend or office securityIt can elegantly prevent burglary and damage to our property. PPC: 304,86 € (249,89 € + VAT)  

Netatmo Presence |  the main advantages

The main benefits of Netatmo Presence smart external security camera:

  • The first outdoor security camera for home use that uses advanced artificial intelligence for home security.
  • Automatic identification of persons, vehicles and animals.
  • Smart home monitoring in a free mobile and web application.
  • Built-in high reflector makes it easy for us to access the entrance at night while keeping away unwanted guests.
  • Easy installation and connection to your existing home WiFi network.
  • All snapshots and data are saved to the local SD card only and not streamed to the cloud.
  • The camera only records when it detects motion, avoiding hours of blank shots.
  • High-quality Full HD 1080p shots, wide viewing angle, zoom and powerful dark shooting.
  • Stylish design with durable aluminum housing, operating at -20 ° to 70 ° C.


Netatmo Presence - the item judgment

Presence's smart external security camera constantly analyzes live events around the home. As soon as he recognizes people, vehicles and animals, he informs us by phone. Built-in advanced artificial intelligence and a unique reflector ensure the complete security of our home.


Netatmo Presence |  easy installation

Installing a Netatmo Presence camera is easy. The camera replaces the existing outdoor house lighting to provide power. All mounting accessories are included. The camera automatically finds your home wireless WiFi network and connects to the web. Within minutes, a sophisticated control system with an integrated reflector is in place.


Netatmo Presence |  Day & Night

At night, we discreetly observe the surroundings of the home through the infra-red night mode. The unique smart reflector can be turned on manually in the application or. Set it to turn on automatically when the camera detects a person, vehicle or animal. The reflector makes it easy for us to access the entrance at night, while also keeping away unwanted guests. The camera is intended for outdoor use - temperature range -40 ° C to 50 ° C and HZO protection for water tightness.


Netatmo Presence |  Alarm zones

Because each home is different, so does the camera. We can set up special alarm zones and the camera will notify us as soon as it notices an event in the area. In addition to writing recordings to an SD card (16Gb included), it also supports cloud storage of recordings on a Dropbox account and storage on a local server via FTP.


Netatmo Presence |  The application

The Netatmo Presence mobile app is available for free on iOS and Android phones, tablets and watches (Apple Watch). With the Netatma web application , the camera can be accessed and managed with a laptop or computer. a desktop computer (PC / Mac). From anywhere, we can monitor live images from a location, view past events in a timeline, save recordings, and turn on the built-in spotlight. Access to cameras and recordings is possible from an unlimited number of devices, multiple cameras can be operated in parallel.


Netatmo Presence |  Quality picture











Keep track of what is happening near your home

Presence's smart outdoor camera monitors and informs you of people, animals and vehicles near your home through a mobile and web application. He can even distinguish between them. It has a smart reflector built in , which only turns on when needed.

Each home is unique. With the Presence camera, you can receive notifications that meet your needs. The Alter-Zone feature allows you to mark specific notification areas - you will be notified immediately that someone has entered the area you have marked.


Day and night protection

At night you can control the surroundings discreetly with infrared or turn on the reflector.

You can manually control the reflector through the app, or turn on automatic mode - it will only turn on when needed to help deter unwanted guests.

Smart, efficient recording

The camera only starts recording mode when it detects motion. With this you don't have to browse through hours and hours of blank shots.

It shoots in high quality with 1080p resolution . It has a wide viewing angle , zoom and the ability to shoot in the dark .



  • Purpose: external
  • Material: aluminij
  • Color: Black aluminum
  • Dimensions: 5 × 11 × 20 cm
  • Weight: 1 kg




Stromquelle 220-Buchse
Odporna na vremenske vplive Da, IP66
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