Rent Student camera using dropbox passing exam 100% (Rent per exam/ you take 1 day before exam)
Rent Student camera using dropbox passing exam 100%  (Rent per exam/ you take 1 day before exam) Rent Student camera using dropbox passing exam 100%  (Rent per exam/ you take 1 day before exam) Rent Student camera using dropbox passing exam 100%  (Rent per exam/ you take 1 day before exam) Rent Student camera using dropbox passing exam 100%  (Rent per exam/ you take 1 day before exam) Rent Student camera using dropbox passing exam 100%  (Rent per exam/ you take 1 day before exam)

Rent Student camera using dropbox passing exam 100% (Rent per exam/ you take 1 day before exam)

Marke: SpyMaster™

You dont need 4g stream , all you need is high res picture of exam page, sending it to drobpox folder. Thats it. On other side friend is reporting you valuable info from live images using spy ear piece. 4G Spy Student button wireless Button camera using dropbox passing exam 100% 


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Spy Student 4G Camera 2500 × 2000 pixels A3 Photo Dropbox 4G WIFI Internet 



Camera button CheatCam
How It Works?

It's very simple! You only need to connect CheatCam to an external battery, activate the Internet connection of your mobile phone, iPhone or Android, hide the camera in a button on the shirt and press the hidden dress button to make the photos.

The system will automatically send photos to a private account on the web site  (Service multilateral storing files in the cloud), from where you can make your server in a clear way to see photos of documents.

  • 1x button for the 5-bit CheatCamera Dropbox feature
  • 1x connection to external battery 75cm
  • 1x external battery 2600Mah with charging cable
  • 1x USB charger for network adapter
  • 8x black 11mm buttons
  • 1x 6mm / 12mm button
  • 1 x 125 cm push button
  • 1x Startup Guide and Instructions for use
Installation and use
  • 1. Configure the camera's connection with the mobile in accordance with the user guide.
  • 2. Turn on the camera by connecting the external battery and positioning it with a button on the inside of the garment.
  • 3. Leave the target through a button or hole in the garment.
  • 4. Press the button to capture.
  • 5. Access the account   with the user name and password provided in the instructions.
  • 6. View your captured photos.
Important features

CheatCamera is the only outdoor camera that can be extended and hidden in the button with a capture function and direct download to the  market. With 5MP CMOS sensor and lens design with fixed focus and wide depth of field from 25 cm to infinity.

High Privacy

The system sends photos via the Internet directly to an external memory cloud on the Internet  at  , but they are never stored in the camera's internal memory.

Multiplatform system

The camera is compatible with your internet connection with Iphone, Android or Windows smartphones (under the coverage of 3G or 4G LTE data, and remote viewing and customization of images provided by Dropbox and the web is available for all types of systems and platforms, a smartphone, tablet, notebook, desktop, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

An external battery with long life

CheatCamera has been manufactured with the best available technology and electronics, with high performance components, small size and low power consumption. With an external battery of 2600mAh offers more than 8 hours of continuous use, more than enough time for each operational use.

High image quality

Our hidden camera is intended for use with documents, so the quality of text capture will always be ideal for your assistant, who reads easily.

Remote adjustment of capture parameters

CheatCam is the only camera on the market that allows remote adjustment of the capture parameters via the control panel on the Internet, accessible from the server  where you can determine the resolution and size of the image, data compression, light sensitivity, color and saturation, image rotation, effects and focus filter and sharpness . With all these control parameters, it is possible to define and optimize the best possible quality and visualization for the conditions of the Internet connection and the environment in place.


Video demo camera spy student with IPhone as HotSpot Tethering for Internet access and remote control from a computer browser. * The model used in the presentation is with an internal battery. * Although the presentation of the camera and the computer is close, the connection between the camera and the computer is via the Internet in different networks. The camera is connected to the Iphone Internet and a computer in a common wifi network.




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